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Humble Beginnings


On the 23rd of July 1996 there was a traditional approach made to the churches closest to our location here at Nakasi and our Church elders back then approached Nakasi Methodist Church on Koroba Street to join us here at Navuloa to form a new Circuit within our Division here at Davuilevu. The church elders tasked with these approach were:

  1. Peni Moceituba – Catechist (Vakatawa)

  2. Uraia Lesu – Dauniyau

  3. Tagiasi Moala – Steward (Tuirara)

  4. Simione Dusilele – Divisional Head Steward

On the 25th July 1996 another team approached the second church in the quest for them to join us to form a new circuit. Peceli Methodist Church (later known as Chadwick Housing Church) approved of this formation and we have been together for 26 years as a Circuit today. The team consisted of:

  1. Peni Moceituba

  2. Savenaca Koroi

  3. Tagiasi Moala

Then on the 06th August 1996, a response was received traditionally from the Nakasi Methodist Church declining the formation as they wish to be with Davuilevu Circuit and not with us. They traditional approach was well received by:

  1. Peni Moceituba

  2. Tagiasi Moala

  3. Savenaca Koroi

We received our first Circuit Minister on the 15th February 1997, Rev Samisoni Mainaiqoro at 11am. The entourage bringing our first Circuit Minister were:

  1. Simione Dusilele – Divisional Head Steward

  2. Catechist of 3 churhes in our Division (Davuilevu)

The traditional ceremony were practiced at this function and the ‘I tataunaki’ was received by Laisiasa Rokodi and Peni Moceituba completing all protocols traditionally for the same before he presented the ‘I ciqomi vakavanua’ for our first Circuit Minister. The very peculiar or blessing we noticed was that Navuloa had approved our very first Circuit Steward before the arrival of our first Minister, Mr Uraia Lesu and our Circuit Minister ordained him on Sunday 12th January 1997 at 10.30am.

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