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Social Services

Lending a Helping Hand

Under the MCIF come the Secretariat for Social Services and Christian Citizen

The role of the SS & CC is to create initiatives  direct, monitor, coordinate and a mouthpiece to advise the Bose ko Viti and the senior administrators of the church on social services  and Christian citizenship

A typical example of the concern of the churches are poverty, increase in violence, abuse of women and children, abuse of alcohol/drugs/yaqona and cigarettes.

The church is very vocal on the gambling, depletion of the environment  via climate change, man made disasters and natural disasters.

Due to frequent and ferocities of natural disasters had put the church in the frontline to the need of its congregation members, in terms of physical emotional and spiritual needs

The latest issues is the global pandemic of the COVID 19 that is in its 2nd year and Fiji is directly affected. These had total lockdown of employment, business, school and movement.

The role of this committee is to initiate, assess(confidential) , monitor, coordinate the need of of the congregation and the community that is directly affected physical by natural or man made disasters and the current pandemic.

The needs maybe in terms of food ration and building materials, will also include resource support.

The assessment and affirmation of those who need assistance immediately and there maybe also those that have direct assistance from govt, NGO's and churches.

The setting up of our helpline and the assistance of donors will be directly be co ordinated by the team and advices the church's circuit monthly meetings.

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