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Pastoral Counselling

How The Church Can Help

The Pastoral Counselling team takes up the role of the shepherd as it is called to looked after flock within the fold and to go out and seek the lost ones.

The lost can be those within the church that may have gone astray, the need for renewal and further nurturing of the faith.

The call to empower through the Holy Spirit on good leadership in all spectrum, mentoring, keep looking for greener fields and clear running waters on the Word of God from the pulpit or any place where there is a calling as stated by John Wesley-that the world was his parish.

The current rise in psychosocial issues and post trauma problems within the church members due to the aftermath of natural or man made disasters, rise in violence within and the current global pandemic do required trained and skilled pastoral counsellors.

Globalization and impact of capitalism and secularism have strong and tighter grip on small island nations in the Pacific which is the new spiritual battlefield of the church to encounter head on.

Pastoral Counselling: Give
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